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ePlay and Leading Augmented Reality Glasses Maker Announce Partnership

ePlay and Vuzix team up to offer Augmented Reality experiences, games, and sponsorship activation. ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY) today announced its partnership with Vuzix, a leading creator of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. ePlay will release sports, esports, and entertainment games and apps for Vuzix AR glasses. Digital and Fan Zone activations featuring Vuzix technology and ePlay’s augmented reality game platform, Big Shot, are also under development. The partnership increases ePlay’s presence on AR platforms such as wearables and the Vuzix App Store. The result is a global first set of AR sports games for wearables - the first time users will be able to use Big Shot games using smart gla

ePlay’s Big Shot Beta App Gets 3D Update and Esports & In-App Purchase Revenue Benchmarks

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY) today announced Big Shot™ Basketball Beta augmented reality mobile game received a new 3D scene and other new features. The new features are now available in the Pokemon Go style app in the Apple App Store. The company also revealed that Big Shot continues to maintain and exceed the targeted retention rate threshold of 56%. “Big Shot games target sports, esports, and entertainment,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “Not only do these elements come together to scale Big Shot marketing, but they also drive revenues. Esports revenues for games like Big Shot generate an average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of USD$0.92 and reach as high as USD$1.5

New Big Shot App Store Preview

ePlay has submitted some new screen shots and videos to the App Store for its flagship title Big Shot. The updated screenshots were created to increase the download conversion rate. ePlay is targeting a 3% conversion rate. During the beta release period the average download conversion rate from the App Store been under-performing at 1.08% on average. New video preview for App Store. Must only show real app screens. The new screen shots and videos show Big Shot as being close to complete for look-and-feel and features. The images and videos will be available in the App during the next update. The company has also been testing slogans and descriptions with target audiences and stakeholders in

Benchmarking Mobile Esports Revenue

Intellectual property owners like ePlay earn revenues from mobile games in 3 key ways - In-App Purchases (IAP) - digital items, level-up, and skins Advertising - video, banner, and interstitials Esports - Paid Competitions and Tournaments Implementing esports into a game is a powerful revenue source, in addition to increasing retention and engagement. According to a leading mobile esports tournament provider, developers that implement esports competitions and tournaments directly into mobile games are generating USD$0.92 in average daily active user (ARPDAU) for esports competitions and tournaments - top games earn as high as USD$1.59 ARPDAU for esports competitions and tournaments. Esports

Sports, Esports, and Entertainment - Dispatches from LA Games Conference for 2019

Dispatches from LA Games Conference in Hollywood, California Ned Sherman, founder of Digital Media Wire and Partner at Manatt Digital, and his team are putting on the LA Games Conference in Hollywood this week. This is Ned's 3rd event in the last 6 months focused on where games, technology, and entertainment converge. ePlay's CEO, Trevor Doerksen, participated in a panel discussion at Paramount Studios as part of the Digital Media Wire VRTL event in November 2018. LA Games Conference is the last big event before E3 games conference next month in Los Angeles. Last week, Doerksen participated in an esports event in Toronto put on by Grit Capital and the Canadian Securities Exchange. The event

Where do people watch esports?

ESPN, Turner, and CW air esports programs. BBC3 and BT Sport air esports in the UK. Fox Sports announced a FIFA 19 esports US broadcast deal last month. The largest viewership can be found throughout most of the world on Twitch. Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, and Steam have streaming destinations as well. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and others are not available in China. Here,, Panda.TV, Douyu, Huya, and Netease CC boast audiences over 100 million - similar or larger than Twitch. Outside of China, now has 25% of the viewership of Twitch and is growing at 58% YoY. 89.4% of Twitch viewership and 91.8% of 1Q2018 viewership was not live esports events, but streaming

Banned in China - a list for esports and gaming investors

Gaming investors may have heard of Tencent struggling to receive permission to obtain a license to release or monetize some of the most popular games in the world - Fortnite and PUBG - in China. They may have heard that the Great Firewall blocks Google, Facebook, and Twitter in China. Here is a list of banned and restricted features, services and products in China. Video Game Geatures Banned in China Blood Corpses Mahjong Poker Attacks on palaces Gratuitius violence Addictive features without time limits Popular Games and Consoles banned in China Fortnite PUBG PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Consoles until 2015 Pokemon Go - uses Google Maps and needs local partner - Let's Hunt Monsters is pop


Chinese esports platform Next Joy enters distribution and marketing partnership with mobile game creator ePlay Digital Inc. Next Joy, the Chinese esports platform, has partnered with Canadian mobile game and augmented reality creator ePlay Digital Inc. to bring its tech and games to China’s rapidly growing esports and mobile gaming market. Read More in AYO News

Would you have sat on the fence in 1967 to invest in the NBA or an NBA team?

Would you have sat on the fence in 1967 to invest in the NBA or an NBA team? Would you have invested to own the game of basketball globally if you had a chance? View interview with ePlay CEO, Trevor Doerksen from esports and egaming events talking about the opportunity for esports in 2019.

China's New Gaming Rules Prohibit Extreme Violence

Some new games are getting approved by the Chinese regulator, but gambling, blood (of any color), addictive features, and corpses. Developers including mobile game developers can learn more about the updated rules. "Meanwhile, games that fall into the "gongdou" harem scheme and "guandou" royal palace categories are also banned." - Engadget Although 1,000 + games have been approved since China ended the game approval freeze in December, Tencent has not received the license required for monetizing its hugely popular mobile title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).​ Last week, ePlay announced a new distribution and marketing partner in China - Next Joy. Next Joy is a major esports platform in