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Jose Brooks
Jose Brooks

Natops A1 V22ab Nfm 000 Mv 22b

natops was a very exciting and very worthwhile effort. i enjoyed it, and the aircraft is a marvelous machine, and it is a pleasure to fly. my only regret is that i never got to pass the final natops check and get my wings.

Natops A1 V22ab Nfm 000 Mv 22b |

the natops manual is a great book. i have never flown or owned another aircraft that had as detailed a manual as this aircraft. the manual is a great source of information. it is the best book on this aircraft available anywhere.

i was very pleased with the natops manual i received at vfr. it was complete and very comprehensive. i have used it for many years and it has been very valuable for me. i can't think of a better manual for this airplane.

i was flying the b-1a in the mid 1980s when we were upgrading the navigation system. i needed to take it in for maintenance and after the ride i had received the natops manual. i can't imagine what the world would be like if we didn't have a good manual like this.

i'm a native of the philadelphia area. this last year, i flew an f-15 for the first time. after that, i became curious about the b-1. in the summer of 2002, i started reading the natops manual, and i'm still reading it. the b-1 is one of the best aircraft i've ever flown. the way it performs, it's almost as good as an f-16. so it's a real pleasure to fly, and i love the natops manual.

a number of the accidents resulted in changes to the flight manual and how it was used. a number of the accidents involved aircraft flying in formation on deck. it was necessary to develop procedures to train and certify all the aircraft based on the aircraft that they would be flying with. the training process was not always smooth with initial training of new students to teach natops to the rest of the fleet, and the need for repeated training to maintain certification. the new natops flight manual was intended to reduce the amount of repetition needed to ensure that aircrew were certified. the planned natops flight manual did not exist at the time that the first natops manual was published.


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