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SQL Server 2016 Features and Benefits - Why You Should Upgrade Now

Download 2016 SQL Server

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. It is used to store, manage, and analyze data for various applications. SQL Server 2016 is the latest version of SQL Server that was released in June 2016. In this article, we will show you what SQL Server 2016 is, how to download it, and how to use it.

What is SQL Server 2016?

SQL Server 2016 is the most advanced and secure version of SQL Server ever. It offers many new and improved features that enhance performance, security, analytics, and cloud integration. Some of the key features of SQL Server 2016 are:

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SQL Server 2016 features

  • Query Store: This feature stores query texts, execution plans, and performance metrics within the database, allowing easy monitoring and troubleshooting of performance issues.

  • Polybase: This feature integrates SQL Server with external data in Hadoop or Azure Blob storage. You can import and export data as well as executing queries.

  • Stretch Database: This feature lets you dynamically, securely archive data from a local SQL Server database to an Azure SQL database in the cloud. SQL Server automatically queries both local and remote data in the linked databases.

  • JSON Support: This feature supports JSON imports, exports, parsing and storing. JSON is a popular data format for web and mobile applications.

  • Temporal Tables: These are history tables that record all data changes, complete with the date and time they occurred. They enable easy data auditing and analysis.

  • Always Encrypted: This feature protects data at rest and in motion, on-premises and in the cloud, with master keys sitting with the application, without application changes.

  • Dynamic Data Masking: This feature masks sensitive data from unauthorized users, while allowing authorized users to see the complete data.

  • Row Level Security: This feature restricts data access at the database engine level, so users see only what is relevant to them.

  • In-Memory OLTP: This feature improves transaction processing performance by storing tables in memory instead of disk. It also supports more data types and operations than before.

  • In-Database Advanced Analytics: This feature enables data analysis directly within the SQL Server database using R, the popular statistics language.

SQL Server 2016 benefits

By using SQL Server 2016, you can enjoy many benefits such as:

  • Faster performance: SQL Server 2016 delivers up to 30x faster transactions and more than 100x faster queries than disk-based relational databases.

  • Better security: SQL Server 2016 is the least vulnerable database for six years running in the NIST vulnerabilities database. It also provides new encryption and masking technologies to protect your data.

  • Richer insights: SQL Server 2016 enables you to perform advanced analytics on any type of data, from structured to unstructured, using built-in R Services and Polybase.

  • Lower cost: SQL Server 2016 offers a consistent platform and tooling for easier workload mobility between your datacenter, private cloud, or Microsoft Azure. You can also save up to five times compared to other self-service solutions with Power BI Report Server.

  • Simpler management: SQL Server 2016 provides a unified management experience across on-prem ises and the cloud, as well as new tools like Query Store and Temporal Tables to simplify performance tuning and data management.

How to download SQL Server 2016?

If you want to download SQL Server 2016, you need to choose the edition that suits your needs, obtain the installation media, and follow the installation steps.

SQL Server 2016 editions