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Melthucelha Smith
Melthucelha Smith

Deagle Aim Cfg: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Desert Eagle in CS 1.6

the k98k is a more powerful variant of the deagle that fires k98k ammunition. the k98k has a faster rate of fire and better accuracy, making it more suitable for sniping. however, it is considerably more expensive than the deagle due to its rarity. it can be dual-wielded by default, but it does not work with the fu-10 or the p90 without an upgrade. it has the highest clip size of any of the deagles and has the highest damage of all deagles in high-level players' hands, but it has its drawbacks as well. for one, it cannot use light armor as effective as the p90 can. its slow fire rate makes it not much better than the deagle at closer range, especially if it is used by a dual-wielder. it may also fire at up to 4.5rpm due to the k98k's higher power, and so it may not be desirable for players that may want to get a kill with the deagle.

Deagle Aim Cfg

the hk417 is an upgrade to the deagle that lets it fire a more powerful round, does away with the high-angle sights, and is usable by dual-wielding. it also does away with the heavy ammo, so it is cheaper than its standard versions. however, it does away with the 10-round clip, so if the player drops the magazine, they cannot reload unless they find it. the other upgrade that comes with the hk417 is the g27, which is an already very powerful pistol that comes with an upgraded 10-round clip and an extra flash suppressor. as a result, the hk417 has a lot of advantages over the standard deagle. however, it only weighs 2.3kg and costs $2000, so it may not be for everyone.

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