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Jose Brooks

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin - PC Full Version Free Download

finally, there's the grenade launcher, which is actually the only purely offensive weapon in the game. again, there's no indication of the relative strength of the weapon when you load it up, so try out a few before you buy. there are two types of grenade that can be thrown by the grenade launcher, and i found the smaller explosive to be more useful. its great for clearing out large groups of enemies, or for blowing up the occasional tank. when it comes to the rpg, it can be used to blow up mines, barriers, and other explosive traps as well as enemy vehicles, so it can be quite useful in that respect as well. you can also use it to pick up health, but that requires you to throw the grenade in the direction you want to take health, rather than towards the health meter.

Commandos 3 Full Game Download

the game uses a health meter, which needs to be replenished by picking up health packs. these can be found in various locations, and are worth 2, 4, or 8 health. the health meter can be regenerated by using the rpg, but remember to throw it the direction you want to use it, rather than towards the health meter.

the real test, though, is how you fare once you have the necessary skills in your arsenal to get through the game. all the series has ever really needed was a bit of polish and this has certainly been well received, but commandos 3 gets off to a slow start and doesn't really get going until the second act. there's quite a lot of trial and error involved here, with many of the missions requiring you to gain access to the basic skills of the game before you can unlock the skill trees. you'll probably find that the tutorial won't quite provide you with the level of help you need to get a grip on the game, so you'll have to either work through the game yourself, or ask someone who's already done it to help you.


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