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Jose Brooks
Jose Brooks

Madison Top By Sifix At TSR

The theme of my Simblreen Gifts for this year was a Ball in a noble house, so of course I also made a few dresses! This one contains parts of one of my favorite @sifix dresses (linked below) and of course the Curbs skirt (also linked below).

Madison Top by Sifix at TSR


Thank you to all the CC creators - @mercisims @pralinesims @marvinsims @aniraklova @busra-tr @0298butcher @arethabee @sentate @its-adrienpastel @remussirion @helgatisha @simpliciaty-cc @trillyke @aladdin-the-simmer @xxblacksims @sugarowl @plazasims @lazyeyelids @theslyd @simstrouble @ancenth @reevaly @elfdor @couquetts @saruin @dallasgirl79 @sheabuttyr @nolan-sims @qwertysims @carolldesign @sifix @bradfordsims @whyhellosims @mossylane

Not medieval, not even if you squint :P But the dress is so pretty! A recolor/edit of @sifix wonderful dress, original found here.In my version the sleeves have pearl deco - a texture actually from TSM (Sims Medieval). 85 swatches.

Day 7: For the ones who are invited to the ball at the castle - and all others! My version of @sifix awesome Cinderella dress - find the original here.85 swatches, special normal and specular. All the Redux versions get their textures from the Adult Female version. All merged in one file, if you want to edit or remerge, unmerge first. 041b061a72


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