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ePlay Digital and Advertiise join forces for new Augmented Reality Advertising Platform

Platform turns Augmented Reality games and experiences into deep brand engagement.

(Vancouver, Oct. 12, 2017) – ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY), today announces its partnership with Advertiise to deliver advanced location-based mobile Augmented Reality (AR) advertising for brands. ePlay’s subsidiary, Mobovivo, is developering advanced Augmented Reality Advertising capabilities for the company’s Sports Game Engine through the partnership with Advertiise. The new ad engine called, AR Ad Kit, will be powered by Advertiise and Mobovivo. Advertiise is adding AR advertising to its existing online marketplace.

Together the companies are adding the ability for brands to create dynamic, context, context, and location-aware ads for mobile games and customized advertising campaigns. The companies have been testing the new functionality with Apple’s recently announced ARKit - a new platform built into the recently announced iPhones and iPhone operating system (iOS).

“We are thrilled to be able to bring Augmented Reality - AR - plus the ePlay product, team, experience and technology to the Advertiise marketplace”, says Mark Vella, CEO of Advertiise . “Bringing brands together with sports teams and sports fans looking to engage with teams, athletes, matches, and stadiums is a great application for AR advertising.”

ePlay had previously announced its plans for a next generation sports fantasy game featuring AR with ePlay’s engineers utilizing Apple’s ARKit and Mobovivo’s Sports Game Engine to develop a unique experience for sports fans of all ages.

“Brands are demanding more than logos on concrete in stadiums, fabric on jerseys, 30-second spots on TV, and banners online,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “Brands want to innovate, activate at retail, and engage their customers in meaningful and personalized ways. Augmented Reality - AR - provides for deeply personal experiences using their smartphone.”

Advertiise has previously announced its online advertising platform with 6,000 brands in 34 countries that connects local, national and global buyers and sellers of advertising space. Anytime, anyplace and at any budget, buyers and sellers can access an inventory of traditional, digital and unique advertising opportunities.

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About ePlay Digital

ePlay Digital Inc. develops real-time fan engagement technologies that enable TV networks, venues, teams, leagues and brands to evolve and meet the demands of today's highly-engaged audiences. ePlay bridges the gap between traditional broadcast and dynamic, next generation multi-platform networks that deliver interactive content, live streaming, augmented reality, fantasy sports, and social media across multiple devices. ePlay is operated by a team of sports, gaming and eSports authorities as well as broadcast and digital technology industry experts, software engineers and athletes who have brought the Mobovivo Sports Game Engine to market and successfully partnered with companies including Time Warner Cable, ESPN, Sony Pictures, AXS TV, Intel, AXN, Fiat, CBS, Cineplex, and others.

About Advertiise

advertiise is the world’s fastest-growing advertising marketplace. advertiise’s evolutionary new platform provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers to list and purchase advertising space, no matter the advertising medium. Beyond the marketplace, advertiise connects and expands the advertising community - with over 5,000 users and 15,000 listings in more than 34 countries.