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SportTechie Coverage on Augmented Reality Game

“Sports is something that everybody loves. To see a sports version of Pokémon Go, I think, is going to be massive.” - Lindsay McCormick

The creators of ePlay’s forthcoming augmented reality game are taking players’ headshots and molding them onto 3D models to create life-size avatars that will be dispersed throughout streets, shops and cities. Hold your phone up to see Stephen Curry and higher still to see the much taller LeBron James, or at least a reasonable digital facsimile. The cartoony renderings might wink, smile or fist pump upon your approach.

“They would encounter that player, be able to greet the player, walk around the player, take a selfie with the player,” ePlay CEO Trevor Doerksen said, adding: “I think it’s pretty important, these facial gestures, these meaningful moments.”

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