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Post CES Updates, and more...

Demos at CES went great. Better than expected from a few angles. Las Vegas wireless connectivity can render many demos useless. All of the 3D models, animations, gestures, 3D maps, scenes, avatars, and game components delivered over constrained networks perfectly.

The main purpose of the event for ePlay was to update stakeholders, show existing and new Mobovivo clients the latest, and demonstrate to brands how product placement advertising works in augmented reality (AR).

Takeaways are clear. Exciting and incredibly useful technology. Unique and cutting edge application and visualization. Nobody else in the world, if CES is the world, is building games the way ePlay is building games. Not everyone realizes AR is possible without a headset and only requires a mobile phone. And maps create opportunity for retail activation in really compelling ways.

We also announced a partnership with Sportradar at CES.

New Deals

New deals are forthcoming and will be announced when possible. Brands are inquiring on how they can take advantage of AR.

Core Network

ePlay did not attend CES with a focus on Core Network and upcoming CORE coin availability, but the community has been downloading drafts of the white paper and providing excellent feedback. The white paper is rapidly moving toward final.

At the same time, daily information is being posted to the new site and a referral contest with free CORE coin is launching soon. We are also adding partners to the Core Network from advertising, gaming, TV, and film. This is a very exciting development and dozens of really smart reviewers are keeping things headed in the right direction.

AR Sports Games

Progress continues as we build one of the most innovative gaming platforms and titles. Streaming, maps, avatar, challenge, animation, AR, and other modules are largely complete. Others such as gestures, advanced levels, leaderboard, transitions, and login, continue development. No dates have been set for launch, the next demonstration to stakeholders takes place mid-February at NBA all star game.


Mobovivo has completed the first phase of an innovative in-flight entertainment solution for Global Fortune 500 company, Thales. The prototype solution is being tested with their airline clients and next steps determined.


Phase 1 complete. Phase 2 coming soon.


The next phase of CBS mobile destinations will launch soon as work continues on their apps.


The company is entering its 3rd year of working with Cineplex on its ongoing app strategy and properties for the Rec Room.

Casino Scouts

The project is only just beginning along with several other new projects that use our Game Engine and AR platforms. More news on this and other projects will be announced as progress is made.

Stealth Projects

We have a 5 additional revenue-generating clients and partners that are in stealth mode with projects in gaming, esports, marijuana, #metoo, and investment. When these clients are ready to come out of stealth mode, more information will be available.

Hint: keep your eye on the Core Sports & Entertainment Network and for news about new and ongoing deals.


The company also released this infographic as a summary to celebrate a great and growing year. And don't forget we added some great new people to our team in 2017 - Ray Brown, Rob Horry, Kaelan Davidson, Meysam Fegghi, and Lindsay McCormick.

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