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Big Shot Rob Says...

7-time NBA champion Robert Horry has a download link for you. Like Bryant Dope in The Rap Monument, he's "got flames for your download link"

7-time NBA champion Big Shot Rob Horry has some advice for you.

1. Download Big Shot Basketball

2. Build a great roster

3. Ask Big Shot Rob for some tips

4. Become a Big Shot

Robert Horry soon joins Lindsay McCormick and the roster of every NBA team in the league in Augmented Reality in new Big Shot mobile game.

In addition to being an in-game Big Shot, Robert Horry joins the Lakers studio team for Spectrum SportsNet. Spectrum SportsNet is a Southern California regional sports network that has an exclusive partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy, Los Angeles Sparks and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). More information on the network is available at

Big Shot lets players customize their avatar. The public beta version allows users to pick from a couple of hair styles, t-shirts, pants and shoes. ePlay is working on Advanced Avatar Customization that goes even further. Beta testers have already told us they want sneakers (lots of sneakers), to replace their face with selfie, and other advanced features. Big Shots have asked for NBA logo jerseys and more.

Coming updates:

  • Female game character

  • New swag and sneakers

  • Team-wear

  • Expanded Maps

  • Big Shot Meet Up in Augmented Reality

  • Selfie 3D Avatars

  • McCormick Roster Tips

  • Big Shot Rob Horry 3-point Challenge

Are you a Big Shot public beta user - a Big Shot? Let us know what sort of features you want to customize for your in-game avatar -