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LeBron Scores - You Score! (video)

Beta testing of Big Shot has been paying great dividends. Positioning the product in the marketplace and establishing strong partners are two external results. In addition, the game continues to improve in user-experience and design. Not everybody knows how Pokemon Go and Fortnite got so popular and how Big Shot compares to these products. Not everybody knows how Big Shot provides users access to real-time NBA game and player statistics.

Big Shot players build a roster of NBA players similarly to how Pokemon players build a roster of monsters and because Big Shot is synced to real-time data - When Lebron Scores - You Score!

The first challenge? Find Lebron. The second challenge; unlock challenges and build your team. The third? Challenge your friends. Unlike Pokemon Go, Big Shot is tied to real-world results and for every NBA player and every NBA match, there are daily challenges to earn Big Shot status in the game.

Watch more in video below...

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