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Compared - Let's Hunt Monsters and Big Shot

China, the world’s biggest gaming market, finally has its first Pokemon Go style game and its #1 in App Store

Tencent's, Let's Hunt Monsters allows gamers to search for and catch digital monsters.​ Let’s Hunt Monsters is an iOS game that includes the AR hunting mechanics found in Pokémon Go and Big Shot Basketball. In Let's Hunt Monsters, the AR hunting mechanic allows gamers to search for and catch digital monsters. In Big Shot, the same game mechanic allows gamers to search and catch NBA players.

Let's Hunt Monsters and Big Shot - Compared

When LeBron Scores - You Score!

Unlike Pokemon Go and Let's Hunt Monsters, Big Shot users score points from NBA players and matches they catch using the hunting game mechanic Pokemon Go has earned an estimated US$2.5 billion in total revenue, according to data from Sensor Tower.

#1 in China

According to a recent report by the South China Morning Post, Let’s Hunt Monsters has already become the most downloaded free game in China’s iOS App Store, largely due to the current absence on Pokémon Go in the country as a result of the direct ban on Google Maps in the country. Tencent released a trailer for Let's Hunt Monsters in April 2018 and is said to have been testing the app with users for the last year.

Banned in China

The launch of Let’s Hunt Monster comes roughly three months after China lifted its ban on new video games after nearly a year of keeping games from getting released. Tencent is still waiting on government approval to monetize PUBG and Fortnite within the country. Pokémon Go’s location-based gameplay is dependent on Google Maps, which is banned in China. ePlay does not use Google Maps for its hunting game mechanic in Big Shot. The Chinese government seems to be showing a preference from games that are less violent in nature.

Generating Revenue

Like Big Shot and Pokemon Go, Let's Hunt Monsters game generates revenue through two major revenue streams: in-game microtransactions and marketing collaborations with brick and mortar stores looking to drive foot traffics to their locations. Tencent could use Let’s Hunt Monsters as a much needed helping hand to boost its gaming revenue while the company is still waiting for government approvals to monetise two smash-hit shooter games, PUBG and Fortnite.

PUBG, Fortnite, and other games on the Sidelines in China

While Let's Hunt Monsters obtained approval for monetization and distribution in the world largest gaming market. Others like PUBG, Fortnite, and likely dozens of other first-person-shooter games also await approval.

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