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China's New Gaming Rules Prohibit Extreme Violence

Some new games are getting approved by the Chinese regulator, but gambling, blood (of any color), addictive features, and corpses. Developers including mobile game developers can learn more about the updated rules.

"Meanwhile, games that fall into the "gongdou" harem scheme and "guandou" royal palace categories are also banned." - Engadget

Although 1,000 + games have been approved since China ended the game approval freeze in December, Tencent has not received the license required for monetizing its hugely popular mobile title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).​

Last week, ePlay announced a new distribution and marketing partner in China - Next Joy. Next Joy is a major esports platform in China and hosts large events in the country. Next Joy and ePlay are working on the launch of Big Shot, a family friendly, Pokemon Go style mobile game where players search and discover NBA players and other celebrities and when LeBron James scores - you score! Next Joy and ePlay will release the game alongside special sports and esports events in China.

Big Shot games China Approval Check List:

  • No Blood

  • No Corpses

  • No Zombies

  • No Palaces

  • No gambling

  • Includes Anti Addictive Features

  • No Violence