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ePlay Provides E3 Update to Beta Version of Big Shot Basketball

ePlay's E3, the biggest gaming conference in the world, Big Shot Basketball update is now available in Apple App Store. The newest version includes new animations, avatars, challenges, content, performance updates, and user interface enhancements.

New in-game product placement and characters are also now available. Celebrities now have special coins and 3D models that can be collected to unlock special features and find valuable coins, NBA players, and unlock merchandise and challenges.

The company also announced a new partnership with volumetric scan leader 8i that creates the ultimate in fandom and a brand new way for in-game avatars to be created and displayed in video games.

8i and ePlay are conducting Augmented Reality studio tours during LA's E3 conference. Get more information on studio tour information for sports, esports, and entertainment. Go behind the scenes to see how the latest in in-game product placement and in-game advertising works.

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