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Are you ready for the 2019/20 NBA Season?

ePlay and Big Shot Basketball is ready for the NBA Season!

We reported Big Shot engaged users with 50,000 head-to-head challenges last month. At the same time, we showed how esports can earn high margin revenue by turning virtual currency into cash.

Big Shot is an NBA game, best played during the NBA season. When LeBron Scores - You Score! The NBA season starts in 4 weeks. For the end of the September, we will provide an update on engagement growth in the 2nd off-season month for Big Shot.

September is also the end of the 3rd quarter, the first quarter where Big Shot Basketball has been released and out of beta. We already know, ePlay's mobile game revenue will climb in the quarter. It is the NBA off-season and content payloads and in-app purchases are still to be delivered to apps, so next quarter growth will be something to watch too.

ePlay also released brand new versions of Big Shot Basketball for iOS and Android today. Start building your Big Shot Roster today - over 28,000 drafts and 50,000 multiplayer mini-games have already been played.