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NBA Season Kicks off Tuesday - So does ePlay's Big Shot Basketball Mobile Game

ePlay is ready for the 2019/20 NBA regular season that kicks off on Tuesday Oct. 22 with games in Toronto and Los Angeles. The Raptors host the Pelicans as the defending NBA champions take on Lonzo Ball and the first pick of the 2019 draft, Zion Williamson of New Orleans. In L.A., Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James face off as the Clippers face the Lakers at the Staples Center. It's a historic start to the NBA and a historic new mobile game and augmented reality experience - Big Shot Basketball - will also be present in both Toronto and Los Angeles for the season openers.

During the off-season and pre-season Big Shot players have started building their rosters to get ready for 2019/2020 Big Shot Challenges. Big Shot players discover, compete, and draft NBA players to their Big Shot Roster and then enter them into daily, weekly, and season-long challenges for points, 3-points, assists, blocks, and other statistics categories. The 2019/20 NBA Season Challenges are officially turned on Oct. 21 - the eve of the NBA season.

Already, well over 100,000 Big Shot competitions to earn points and to add the best NBA players have taken place before the the NBA season.

Under-Monetized Mobile Games Adding eSports Prizing

Currently, ePlay mobile games are primarily using virtual currency for esports Prizing, and therefore are under-monetized. The company has previously stated that Big Shot is expected to generate an average esports, and in-app purchase revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of USD$1.46. As previously announced, conversion to cash prizing is in progress. ePlay is well along the way to the first two steps in earning revenue in the USD$61.3B mobile gaming industry.

Monetizing An Engaged Mobile Audience

Today, ePlay is able to continue to reveal actual user data in which to monetize and focus core growth:

  • Big Shot users directly entered over 111,000 head-to-head esports competitions since August 2019

  • esport competition engagement grew 22% in September 2019

  • Engagement and downloads continue to be stronger than expected prior to launch of 2019/20 NBA season

  • The newest data reveals the first reported actual ARPDAU is USD$1.24 in September

Big Shot Robert Horry Promo Video

Check out one of the promotional videos that will be released during the official launch of Big Shot Basketball for the 2019/20 NBA season. In the short promo video titled Big Shot Basketball 2019/20 Launch with Robert Horry, Pokemon Go meets the NBA. Download the brand new augmented reality game for Android and iPhone and experience the NBA, Augmented Reality, sports, and eSports like never before. Big Shot Basketball features NBA legend and 9-time champion, Robert Horry. Big Shot Robert Horry, known for his clutch shots, helps Big Shot players discover the best 3-point players in the NBA.

ePlay will be previewing it upcoming promotions in the week leading up to the season opener.