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CSE Makes Big Announcement for ePlay's Newest Mobile Games

On this very special edition of #HashtagFinance, CSE's Anil Mall and James Black are joined by legendary comedian - and entrepreneur - Howie Mandel, to discuss how he is coping with quarantine life, his charitable collaboration with Trevor Doerksen and ePlay Digital (CSE:EPY) and much (much) more.

In this conversation, Howie shares how his reputation as a germaphobe dovetailed into the game "Outbreak", which evolved into a charitable tool to outfit PPE to frontline health-care workers (7:05), how technology can be a catalyst for powering the next generation of small business (and comedy) (11:24), and his simple - yet powerful - views on investing in the stock market (24:38).

Listen until the end to hear Howie's big vision for Just for Laughs (he owns a partnership stake), how he embraces technological innovation, and his encouragement for everyone to stop overthinking and "Just Do It".

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