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ePlay Announces The Upcoming Release of Outbreak Mobile Game

New game is a spin-off of the upcoming Big Shot game under development

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY), a mobile game publisher specializing in sports, esports, and entertainment augmented reality titles, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new mobile game called Outbreak Pandemic. Outbreak is a spin-off of another upcoming ePlay flagship title based on the company's Big Shot mobile game engine. The upcoming flagship title and its partners will be announced when the game launches in the coming weeks.

“U.S. video game spending in February 2020 was up  to $755M, an 11% increase from January and active user counts in China surged during the last quarter,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “There are lots of important health and economic factors to rightly focus on in light of COVID-19, at the same time, data indicates that many will spend much more time on TikTok and playing mobile games.”

Outbreak Pandemic will drive revenue from advertising and eSports and will be released for Apple App Store, Skillz, and Google Android. The game is also being prepared for a new eSports tournament platform called ePlayChamp. The game is currently under review and more news about its launch will be announced. Outbreak Pandemic joins ePlay’s Big Shot Basketball and its spin-off game Big Shot Swish as the third title launched since Fall 2019.

Outbreak Pandemic is a fast-paced and unique 3 match game that anyone can enjoy! Different infectious cells are falling, match 3 of the same color by rotating Outbreak and watch for special bacteria, viruses, and coronaviruses which can save your life. Destroy the disease before the cells reach the inner cavity.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, February video game spending was up to $755 million from January 2020 sales of $678 million. Active users and revenue are also up in China in February according to the International Business Times.

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