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ePlay Creates Esports and Egaming Slam Dunk

What is needed to make an esports slam dunk?

Get game. Companies need intellectual property - they need a game. The fastest growing game revenues are mobile. The biggest markets in the world are the United States and China. The most popular games are mobile. The most downloaded game in China today is a Pokemon Go style game.

ePlay’s got game with its own proprietary intellectual property. ePlay has developed an augmented reality mobile gaming platform that requires no glasses - only a mobile phone. Its flagship title, Big Shot bring NBA fans and players face-to-face through augmented reality. Big Shot is Pokemon Go meets sports, esports and entertainment. The company has created award-winning games for Intel, ESPN, Sony, and others in the past. And at an eGaming and eSports event in Toronto last night ePlay announced it is working towards the launch of Big Shot in a multi-country tour. ePlay is working with partners like the Chinese egaming and esports giant Next Joy to launch the Big Shot franchise in China. Next Joy has over 100 million viewers on their platform. In last nights presentation at the TIFF Lightbox Theatre, ePlay CEO, Trevor Doerksen, talked about the importance of 100 million for ePlay. Super Bowl audiences are around 100 million. Next Joy's esports platform reaches 100 million people in China. Twitch audiences are around 100 million people globally.

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