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ePlay to be Featured on CEO Clips on BNN Bloomberg

Thanks to B-TV, The Canadian Securities Exchange, and BNN, ePlay video messaging about esports, gaming and Big Shot will run multiple times Mon-Fri during market hours plus bonus plays in off prime time from Jul 8 – 14, 2019. In addition, corner stock ticker ads with ePlay logo & symbol will run. Keep your eye out if you are a BNN viewer.

Too excited to wait for the video interview in rotation? Watch it here: 30 second clip 90-second CEO Clip ePlay's CEO Clip has been posted on Thomson Reuters Insider Network, where it can be viewed by over 80K financial professionals. The CEO clip will air on BNN Bloomberg 6 x on Jul 13 & 14 between the hours of 6am – 12am. ePlay's CEO Clip is also available on:

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