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How does ePlay’s In-Game Economy Work?

April 9, 2018


Mobile gaming was a $100B industry in 2017 growing 17% from 2016. Mobile advertising was $107B in 2017. These are big numbers, taken together these are bigger revenues than the global TV advertising business worth just over $200B in 2017.


Games represented nearly 80% of total worldwide consumer spend for combined iOS App Store and Google Play in 2017, while accounting for roughly 35% of total worldwide downloads. — AppAnnie and IDC Gaming Spotlight 2017









How will ePlay’s AR games make money?


A. In-App Purchases — like Candy Crush and Pokémon Go, ePlay’s published titles will allow users to pay real money for:

  1. Athlete swaps — want to do a trade or take an Augmented Reality selfie with a different athlete and celebrity? Users pay to optimize their team and network for sports and entertainment games.

  2. Challenge Unlocks — want to accept a premium challenge? The Tuesday 3 Pointer Challenge? Users pay to advance levels and unlock features to optimzie playing time, compete for prizes and rewards, and climb the leaderboard.

  3. Backgrounds — ePlay’s AR games can take place where ever the rear-facing camera points, but maybe you want to see yourself and your favorite sports and entertainment stars at a New York roof-top pool, on the beach in Santa Monica, or at Madison Square Garden or Maracanã. Users pay for premium scenes and backgrounds.

  4. Avatar Customization — Like many games, users will be able to customize their avatar for free and purchase upgrades. ePlay’s games will allow users to create customized characters and pay for premium hats, jerseys, jewellery, backpacks, and sneakers. 

  5. Physical Merchandise — Does your avatar look great in those in-game “kicks”? They can buy the real life sneakers and have them shipped. ePlay will drive physical merchandise sales from its sports and entertainment games.

B. Advertising — mobile games, like cable TV, makes money from user-paid transactions and from advertising simultaneously. ePlay has partnered with Advertiise to help sell its unique in-game advertising.

  1. Banners — Programmatic banner, insterstial, and video ads appear in ePlay’s upcoming titles. 

  2. Augmented Realty Product Placement — ePlay’s games are 3D and AR experiences. Like TV or Electronic Arts (EA) showing a car or sneakers paid by brands to appear, ePlay is selling in-game product placement. 

  3. Location-based — unlike TV or EA, ePlay offers location-based advertising. Users can be driven to the boutique shop, restaurant, mall and stadium to activate special features, offers and retail purchase actions.

  4. Video ads — some users of ePlay sports and entertainment titles will stream their game experience and narration live and on-demand on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Brands ads will multiply their impact from one game player at a time to millions of stream views.

Of course, the first task is to make exciting and addictive mobile games that drive engagement, then activation for in-app purchases and brands. ePlay is an award-winning leader in mobile gaming for great brands like ESPN, Time Warner Cable, Cineplex, Sony Pictures, and others. The company is readying the release of its first game titles developed by leveraging its proprietory Mobovivo Game Engine.



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