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Building ePlay's Unfair Marketing Advantage

May 2, 2018

ePlay has an unfair technology advantage - a mature game platform that delivers award-winning solutions for ESPN, TWC, Intel, Cineplex, Maxim, and others. For a game to succeed the company also needs unfair marketing advantages - anybody can buy Google, TV, Facebook and Instagram advertising.

"If you are investing in tech and the tech company tells you they just need some cash to buy Facebook advertising, invest in Facebook," says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. has an unfair marketing advantage because they can run ads on TV. CBS TV has an unfair marketing advantage because they can run ads on CBS owned billboards. The SWAT TV show has an unfair marketing advantage because its cast can post to social media and appear on CBS shows like Entertainment Tonight to promote SWAT and the show that follows it. Most tech does not have these unfair marketing advantages, but ePlay has worked throughout its first year to create a great game that features Pokemon GO style experience with sports.


ePlay has created the Core Network and Core Coinz to create cross-marketing and loyalty between upcoming ePlay game titles, 3rd party partners, brands, Influencers, and Mobovivo clients. Cutting the cost of customer acquisition to zero is the goal. Aggregating audience between multiple games, influencers, brands, and properties is something that TV does in programming grid, Facebook does in feeds, and Google does in search. Every new website, app and game launches with zero users and you can buy, earn, and/or own media and the users it reaches.


Launching the recently announced Big Shot Basketball, a mobile game directed at young sports fans, with no unfair marketing advantage is a big uphill climb. Aggregating, then activating, audiences through strategic partners with existing owned and earned media is the key to driving value into the game and growing its success organically. Sure, $10m TV and digital ad campaign is a great option too, but paid media is only part of the formula and a decreasing part as well.


In the last month, as ePlay prepares to launch Big Shot Basketball, the companies partnerships with massive Instagram Influencers like Sommer Ray, traditional media like Maxim magazine, 3rd party developers and apps that have not yet been revealed, sports broadcaster Lindsay McCormick, and NBA legend Robert Horry are all key ways of achieving unfair marketing advantages.


The NBA Summer League and summer youth streetball tournaments are another. This marketing and branding ecosystem is driven by engagement and rewarding that engagement with Core Coinz. The Core Network will soon announce its first 6 marketing partners with over 30 million users in a cross-marketing network to increase earned and owned media.



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