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Big Shot July Beta Successfully Completed

August 1, 2018


ePlay continues its partnership with the Instagram influencers in order to leverage and combine the companies unfair technology and marketing advantages. 


ePlay announced on June 11, 2018 its plan to beta test Big Shot in July. ePlay then, on schedule, launched its beta at the West Coast National Championships and NBA Summer League. Seven-time NBA champion, Robert Horry, and his youth basketball team was on hand along with hundreds of other teams to help test and review Big Shot.


The Big Shot beta was an important stepping stone in marketing and product testing. The beta test and a number of revisions to adapt to things learned from the target audience was completed over the last 10 days. This includes adding a premium in-app purchase for users avatars that Big Shot fans are going to love.

ePlay is working with Horry and a championship youth basketball team called Big Shot. The team is wearing the Big Shot game logo on their jersey. Big Shot is a series of sports and entertainment games that feature Augmented Reality, fantasy sports, esports streaming, selfies, 3D, and other advanced mobile game features. The game is most simply described as Pokémon Go for sports.


During July beta testing with the target audience, we received great feedback and the team looked great wearing the Big Shot App logo. Announcements on version 1 of the app are are being finalized along with the product in consultation with Apple on marks, ARKit, data, in-app purchases, and other typical optimizations.


The first game in the Big Shot series is based on NBA, followed by others sports titles for NFL, NHL, soccer, and MLB. Entertainment AR titles with actors and influencers are also in the works.


In addition, ePlay continues its partnership with the Instagram stars in order to leverage and combine the companies unfair technology and marketing advantages. 


Can you name the top 3 social media accounts for 15-24 year olds? ePlay can:)

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