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What is ePlay's Reality? Augmented.

October 5, 2018

How does a technology company create award-winning apps for the following campaigns, use cases, and companies? State-of-the-art technology platform and a team that delivers Augmented Reality (AR) games today which started augmenting reality with second screen apps in 2013.

  • Hannibal TV Show

  • HBO

  • LA Lakers Basketball

  • MMA

  • FIFA World Cup

  • Academy Awards

  • NHL 

  • NBA

  • NFL

  • MLB

  • Cineplex

  • Airline Seatback Entertainment

  • Big Shot

  • Instagram Influencers

  • Fantasy sports


Breaking it down, what are the common elements that make up the ePlay platform and support all these campaigns, use cases, and companies?

  1. B2B service oriented team working in game development, second screen, and augmented reality since it launched into the space with Mark Cuban and AXS TV as clients in 2013.

  2. Game Engine that has been evolving since Spring 2014 when it delivered solutions for Sony, Intel, FIFA World Cup, ESPN, and with this LA Lakers app launched in 2014 simultaneously.

 ePlay's team has been augmenting reality for primetime TV, sports and entertainment at the same time as developing the companies intellectual property and experience to support bigger and more initiatives. The state-of-the-art has changed in the last 4 years and ePlay's platform and team have advanced to leverage new features, processing power, and capabilities of our smartphones.


Today, ePlay is focused on innovative experiences displayed on the glass of a smartphone. As the industry moves forward the glass in which AR experiences are displayed will get bigger (and smaller) with cars, stores, offices, homes, airplanes, stadiums, theatres, and wearables.


Future is Today

What does this mean for the future? ePlay is an Augmented Reality leader having pioneered the space even before it was called Augmented Reality (AR). Today the technology is coalescing at the same time as the companies platform simultaneously supports:

  1. Big Shot AR games for 6 or more sports and esports

  2. Entertainment AR applications for some of the world's biggest Instagram influencers

  3. eCommerce and retail AR applications for retailers and product manufacturers including cannabis and medical marijuana

  4. Automotive, wearables and other AR applications that use the same platform and a different glass surface than a smartphone.

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