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IMMERSED. Augmented. activated.

Running Shoes

Activate your brand

With Athletes

Group Runs

Daily or weekly virtual group runs with your brand in title position! We can design a course straight to new sales.

Race Sponsor

Become a title sponsor of special virtual races. Choose your city and course! Runners always remember their race-day experiences - they will always remember your brand.


Athletes get to choose their style, gear, and clothes. Let them choose your brand!

REtail Activation

Augmented Reality drives retail traffic. Bring athletes back as soon as your ready. We can literally bring athletes running to your store!

Women Who Run


Monthly Mile Challenge

Real-world Rewards


Challenges occur over a couple days, a week, or a month. Engage and motivate existing customers while growing a new audience. Build awareness and loyalty for your brand with real-world rewards that drive real-world purchases.


Don't let athletes run without you! 

Couple on a Run

1000 FEET

Weekly Challenge

Get in Touch

What can we activate together?

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Girl in Running Clothes
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