ePlay NFT Collectibles

NiFTy eSports NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Platform

ePlay's Styles, Scenes and Medals are collectibles tied to a blockchain -- a digital ledger similar to the blockchains used for digital currencies like bitcoin. This effectively gives our game's premium and limited edition Styles, Scenes, and Medals a unique and non-hackable certificate of authenticity.

ePlay's Augmented Reality, 3D, and immersive fitness,sports, eSports, and entertainment games and apps offer phenomenal live experiences that are celebrity-driven, valuable, precious, and unique. ePlay turns in-app experiences and marketplaces into NFT marketplaces with the ePlay NiFTy platform.

Become a "Top Shot"

NBA “Top Shots” highlights NBA stars greatest replays and stats. Nifty makes everyday games and epic personal bests the highlight. Nifty make us the star. Own your greatest highlights, witness history, own the moment, view in the 3D and AR, and always have the latest stats and leaderboard.

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Earn & Buy

Live, AR, and 3D

Styles, Medals, & Scenes

Most Precious Collectible? Your Achievements

ePlay games are super competitive - down to the viral droplet in Howie Go Viral or the stretch of London Marathon in front of Buckingham Palace. Moments are earned by moving your feet, advancing levels, and premium versions are available for purchase.


  • Each Scene features fully customizable Styles

    • choose from animations, looks, gear, and sneakers.

  • Each Scene contains fully customizable cameras, angles, and camera moves

    • Produce a NiFTy to display your Scene with a drone or crane camera. 


  • Every collectible should have a story and stats

    • NiFTy stats are live, ever-changing, and displayed in 3D and AR.

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Nifties are precious - like a highlight of Lebron. They are a highlight of us - doing something amazing. We are collecting our own epic moments. Every day, ePlay athletes and users do something so amazing they need to watch the highlight on repeat. With Nifty, collect a premium Medal, take over the leaderboard, win a race, break a high score, or run a personal best. We can make those moments ours, all rendered by ePlay in 3D and minted on the blockchain in limited supply.

Video Game


 Only a scarce number of Nifties (premium Styles, Scenes, Medals with replays, live leaderboards, and stats) are released. We collect our Nifties on the marketplace by snagging in-demand Scenes when they drop and refine our collection by playing or moving in real and virtual worlds. Each time somebody takes over the leaderboard, they are going to want to rename, own, customize, produce and purchase their special moment. 

Every once in a while, ePlay debuts a coveted new Limited Edition Scene. These ultra-rare Scenes celebrate enduring moments.


  • Collectible stats: every Scene has a unique edition number and size, verifying its rarity

  • Leaderboard and stats: dive into the latest leaderboard for the Scene

  • Customizable animations, Styles, looks, sneakers, and cameras

  • Displayed beautifully in 3D and Augmented Reality including unique and limited edition digital Medals.

  • Nifty purchases also receive physical gear to remember their digital asset.

  • Users can put their prized collection on display in their Showcase - the most valuable memories in their library.


Announced Soon

3D Geometric Shapes

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