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Big Shot Basketball Ready for NBA Hiatus End

The NBA re-launches / comes out of hiatus / continues it's 2019/20 season and playoff starts later today with games between the Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans and the LA Clippers vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.

The games are not taking place in Utah (Total COVID-19 Per 100,000 rate of 1,213 and last 7-day rate of 118 per 100,000) or Louisiana (Total COVID-19 Per 100,000 rate of 2,428 and last 7-day rate of 311 per 100,000) or Los Angeles (Total COVID-19 Per 100,000 rate of 1,779 and last 7-day rate of 169 per 100,000). The games are being played in the so-called bubble in Orlando (Total COVID-19 Per 100,000 rate of 2,102 and last 7-day rate of 336 per 100,000).

Big Shot is the game you can play while you safely socially distance, get exercise, draft NBA players, and even take selfies with players as you build your roster and compete in challenges. Download for iOS and Android and play along with the NBA.

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY) recently announced 3 categories of mobile games the company is publishing. At the categories available are eSports, Sports, and Entertainment. iOS players can even compete for cash prizes with Outbreak ES, SwishAR ES, and Big Shot Swish.

“ePlay’s portfolio is driving revenue from esports, in-app purchases and advertising,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay. “The plan to accelerate growth is now well underway.”

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