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Big Update! For the Techies!

ePlay's Klocked is a technical marvel that got a massive update this summer

Klocked uses ePlay Digital's sports AI backend and other technologies that make it a very unique technical architecture. The company does not reveal details on how a game engine can be utilized as a fitness tracker for all our beach, city, country road, and mountain trail activities. Various technologies are utilized including Unity 3D - one of the leading global game engines. However, a game engine does not work when your phone is in your pocket or your hiking or running with only your smart watch. So ePlay's team and Unity came up with some technical sorcery to achieve Klocked.

An update at Google Android required an update to Unity software to be compatible with mobile publishing with the unique Klocked app architecture. Developers anticipate these updates and changes and ensure their architecture can be updated. For example, Apple made it necessary for developers to allow users to delete their account this summer. Developers knew this was coming for a year and can plan for it and take the week or so to do the updates and have then approved. Other times, a technology change or new requirement can have a longer time impact and come out of the blue. Developers are used to this and ePlay was informed by a Unity team earlier this year about the required updates. A bunch of programming and testing followed.

Klocked is now on the latest version of Unity, the architecture has been updated, and the approach taken not only continues to allow Klocked to track and animate live activities, provide in-ear coaching, provide replays and highlights, and allow augmented reality visualization of data, but new features and visualization are being unlocked simply by moving the platform further into the future. The first app with the updated architecture was released last month with much more to come. The team is now thrilled to be on the latest versions updating from 2019 versions previously utilized.

The future is further integrated, very real, multi-platform, and very bright. There is nothing like Klocked in the marketplace. It was hard to build, required a fantastic team, and will soon offer every Strava, Apple Watch, and Android user something they will not want to live without.

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Margarita Jin
Margarita Jin
Jan 04, 2023$311295/what-precisely-is-immediate-edge-app

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