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ePlay Announces new Big Shot v2.0 with new user avatars and more in-app purchases

Big Shot had 1000%+ increase in recent 7-day average of ad revenue per 1000 impressions

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY) today announced that the Big Shot Basketball mobile game was updated for Apple iPhone and Google Android to include new user avatars including new clothes, costumes, styles, skin colors, hair color, and both male and female 3D avatars. These digital “skins” make up a large percentage of the projected $300 billion video game business and a primary source of revenue for popular games such as Pokemon Go and Fortnite. While the new features are focused on revenue in-app purchase of skins, the company saw a 1186.17% increase in the 7-day average of ad revenue per 1000 impressions over the last 30 days.

Figure 1. New Big Shot Female User Avatar (on right) with customized premium skin. “The new user avatars are super flexible and allow users to customize the size of their nose to the brand of their sneakers in Big Shot,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay. “State-of-the-art 3D user avatars allow clothing brands to partner with ePlay to sell jeans, t-shirts, bags, and sneakers. The new models are also a stepping stone to adding more sports, esports and entertainment celebrities into ePlay’s games.” Each month new skins will be released for Big Shot. In-app purchases of clothes and upgrades such as a Swap are features now directly driving Big Shot revenue in the estimated USD$61.3B mobile gaming industry. While revenue from skins is brand new for Big Shot including custom premium skins for sneakers, tops, accessories, and pants, ad revenue has been available for a little over 1 month. ePlay reports it is earning over $80 in ad revenue per 1000 impressions (Impression RPM) on average in the last 7 days, up from a $6.22 Impression RPM during the first 7 days of last month. The 7-day RPM average represents a 1186.17% increase over the same time period last month.

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