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ePlay Digital and Trivver Partner to Deliver Metaverse Advertising


Vancouver, April 19, 2022

Klocked World Metaverse can now display dynamic virtual reality and augmented reality ads

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY | OTC:EPYFF | FSE:2NY2) (the “Company”) today announced a monetization partnership with Trivver to bring dynamic virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) advertising and NFT’s directly into Klocked World. The award-winning Klocked mobile app, the upcoming Klocked Sports Network, and Klocked World are now monetized with VR and AR ads, in addition to in-app purchases.

The Klocked Platform is an immersive, multiplayer sports world featuring phenomenal maps, fully customizable avatars, inspiring workouts, and phenomenal experiences. The Klocked metaverse experience is exceptional and the advertising approach requires seamless integration matching the sports metaverse ePlay created.

Advertisers can now place NFT’s and 3D advertisements (buildings, signage, stadiums, objects, etc.) dynamically with ePlay and those advertisements can display across ePlay’s inventory. ePlay’s Klocked Platform is the first to enable XR advertising, Howie’s Games, Fan Freak, and Big Shot games will be enabled later this Spring.

Existing Trivver advertisers in categories such as electronics, apparel, beverages, auto, restaurants, sports and more can place ads in Klocked starting today.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with ePlay,” says Trivver founder and CEO Joel LaMontagne. “Klocked’s sports world should prove attractive to brands looking to reach audiences in new and unique ways. With Trivver’s 3D ad exchange integrated within Klocked World’s immersive content, we welcome being able to easily deploy 3D ads, personalize experiences and report truly granular data analytics that serve to maximize advertiser return on investment.”

ePlay brings the award-winning Klocked Sports World Advanced Metaverse Platform and other ePlay Digital intellectual property to the Trivver. ePlay’s portfolio of games and apps include 7-time NBA champion Robert Horry, comedian and producer Howie Mandel, and Olympic Decathlete Michael Smith. ePlay has created the Klocked World of Sports that integrates the 15 title portfolio, including the award-winning Klocked app, Howie Go Viral, and Big Shot Basketball into the companies metaverse platform.

"We are thrilled to be working with Trivver to enable ePlay Digital to further monetize and innovate our sports and entertainment worlds with advanced metaverse technologies,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital.

Trivver is designed for brands to reach audiences in authentic and immersive ways matching the quality and immersion of the metaverse the ads are displayed.

Transition To Full Commercialization

The addition of advertising revenue to ePlay’s virtual worlds such as Klocked is part of the transition of the company from start-up to full commercialization. The transition to full commercialization requires multiple revenue models with each product moving to full monetization. Revenue models include registration fees and digital goods, 2.advertising, 3.subscription, and 4.NFTs. Klocked already offers in-app fees and digital goods. The Trivver partnership unlocks brand new advertising revenues. Development of subscriptions and NFT’s is underway. Full commercialization also requires release on multiple platforms including Android, smart watch, smart TV, iPad, etc.

1Q2022 Actual Marketing ROI

In the first quarter, Klocked and Fan Freak, ePlay’s newest apps featuring significantly higher in-app average transaction fees generated modest new revenue for the company based on carefully managed marketing campaigns. After 3 months, the company can also announce that the average transaction value for Fan Freak and Klocked is over $20 - significantly higher than global mobile app average. In addition, for every $1.00 spent acquiring new users, Fan Freak earned $2.50 and Klocked earned $1.32 with in-app purchases. These figures, plus potential from new celebrity-driven campaigns and new revenue streams, such as advertising, subscription, and NFTs create a technical and marketing road map for full commercialization.

Klocked Sports Science Platform is now available in the free Klocked App.

About Trivver

Trivver is a cutting-edge ad technology that makes promoting and selling brands in the 3D/AR/VR world simple, smart and effective. To learn more about Trivver’s ad tools, please or visit

About ePlay

ePlay Digital Inc. is a mobile game creator and publisher specializing in sports, esports and entertainment augmented reality titles, including the award-winning augmented reality running app,, sports gaming app Fan Freak, flagship title Big Shot Basketball and Howie Mandel mobile game collaboration - ePlay is operated by an award-winning team of sports, gaming and eSports leaders as well as broadcast and digital technology industry experts, software engineers and athletes who have brought dozens of game titles to market for companies including Time Warner Cable, ESPN, Sony Pictures, AXS TV, Intel, AXN, Fiat, CBS, and others.

ePlay’s wholly-owned subsidiary Mobovivo specializes in augmented reality, mobile game, Web3, and metaverse development.

ePlay Released Games

Howie Go Viral - iOS / Android

Outbreak ES - iOS

Outbreak Unlimited - iOS / Android

SwishAR ES - iOS

SwishAR - iOS / Android

Big Shot Basketball - iOS / Android

Big Swish - iOS

Big Shot Swish ES - iOS

Klocked Augmented Reality Fitness App -

Fan Freak Sports App

Further Information

Further details are available under the Company’s profile on SEDAR at and the Company’s profile on the CSE’s website at

For further media information, or to set up an interview, please contact:

ePlay Digital Inc.

(310) 684-3857‬


Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE): Symbol EPY

Deutsche Boerse Xetra - Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Symbol 2NY2; WKN: A2AN4D; ISIN CA26885W1041

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