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ePlay Digital CEO Qualifies for Boston Marathon While Working Partnerships with Race Directors

Mass participation events managed by race directors open Klocked platform to tens of thousands of new users

ePlay Digital's award-winning Klocked app has a multi-faceted market approach. Over the first quarter of 2022 the focus was direct to consumer to determine most effective messaging, images, videos, and sales channels to reach consumers directly. The company recent announced the results including the return on investment of this initial campaign.

In addition to direct to consumer marketing, ePlay Digital has started to focus on mass participation event marketing by working with race directors to offer Klocked to all their athletes, sponsors, supporters, fans, and spectators. Mass participation events with 20,000 athletes or more have been targeted by the company as a key sales channel.

Other marketing approaches such as charity and celebrity, branded partnerships, product drops are also expected to contribute to user acquisition.

Meetings and demonstrations with mass participation race directors and their partners such as timing companies, brands, retailers, and sponsors were scheduled starting this month. These conversations are happening at event expos, race start and finish lines, product launches, and wherever the running community comes together. Recently, while working with potential new partners, the ePlay Digital CEO, Trevor Doerksen, ran a qualifying time for the 2023 Boston Marathon. Announcements about next steps with race directors to follow.

In addition, ePlay Digital has recently deployed existing and student employee resources to complete development of the Klocked Android App and other significant augmented reality features to soon be announced.

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