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ePlay Download Update for Week ending July 12

ePlay has over 150,000 downloads in 114 days

Last week the company announced ePlay's brand new Android title Big Swish had "already been downloaded 10,000 times since its recent release". Since marketing began in late June Big Swish has moved from #6 most downloaded ePlay since April to #5 with a total of 15,600 downloads in about 12 days.

ePlay also announced over 125,000 downloads in 107 days. 7 days later the download count is now just over 150,000. Downloads are primarily from 4 titles with 25,000 downloads or more. The top 4 ePlay titles over that time period are:

The #1 title overall is Howie Go Viral with just under 40,000 downloads for iOS and Android.

In other updates, Klocked Android and Apple Watch design had been completed and development started in late June and over 10,000 activities tracked by test users in Klocked Beta 1 and Beta 2 releases. The next version will see Klocked's first major brand introduced to test users.

In addition Fan Freak development continues with successful testing for the All-Star break, NBA, and NHL finals - always tricky time periods for a streak game. Finally, the Holo3D Technologies acquisition was completed in late June.

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