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Famed Musician, Artist, and ePlay Partner, Chris Clemence, lists his $3.3 Million Art Collection

ePlay's NFT Artist Partner, Chris Clemence, has listed his limited and rare art collection “Hidden Skulls” for sale as an NFT. The collection, which includes 3 works, is available on Opensea. For each work, only one original NFT is available, never to be done again.

“There are only 3 of these (Hidden Skulls) in the entire world”, stated Clemence. “Each piece holds a lot of power for the right collector that will only grow over time.”

Garnering fame for several songs including “Let’s Go” which became an anthem for the New York Giants, Rangers, and Knicks, Clemence has since transitioned into becoming an in demand artist and tattooist.

“I’ve always been an artist, whether sonically or visually, and most recently on skin. To me tattooing is one of the most primal and powerful forms of art. It breathes, it moves. But it doesn’t grow in value like an NFT. Other people could potentially have the same exact tattoo. That’s why I wanted to create this one of one collection. To have a truly rare collectable,” says Clemence.

Yahoo Finance recently reported Clemence has partnered with ePlay Digital and Howie Mandel to have his art featured in their upcoming mobile apps Klocked and Howie’s Games.

More info on Chris Clemence Art Work Sale

Chris Clemence sneaker collection coming soon to Klocked, Howie Go Viral, and other ePlay Digital mobile games.

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