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How Augmented Reality (AR) Might Change the Tech Industry in 2022 - Media Coverage

Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital, says AR has already initiated a paradigm shift in one way. “Augmented reality audio has already created a paradigm shift. The AR paradigm shift started with headphones and speakers that understood voice commands. Adding directional audio that can fill one room or car seat with a different audio source and isolate that source from the other adjacent listeners will help complete the paradigm shift at the same time as AR headwear lets us see the virtual and real worlds simultaneously.”

With regard to apps, Doerksen adds: “There are tech demonstrations with furniture in rooms and games with characters that animate. Most people think only of visual augmentation to the real world as augmented reality. AR visualization and auralization will be the paradigm shift most people will recognize. Today, our main human computer interface is a piece of glass we tap on directly or link to a keyboard and trackpad. Unlike phones and watches, the screens and speakers on AR glasses will mix real world and the virtual world in real-time while never requiring a tap, keyboard, or trackpad.”

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