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Virtual Sports Production

Create epic sports broadcasts, replays, tools, and games!

  • 45 minutes
  • Online Demo

Service Description

Klocked Sports World Platform for the turn-key creation of immersive, Real-Time 3D (RT3D), and Augmented Reality (AR) sports metaverse for leagues, federations, broadcasters, athletes and fans. Klocked Sports World is the future of sports - a real-time 3D and augmented reality metaverse for delivering sports and engaging sports fans. Klocked Sports World automatically turns live sports and activities into a 3D /Augmented Reality live broadcasts and shareable replays giving users control of cameras and ability to win points, prizes, cash, swag, and medals. Klocked Sports World automatically creates epic sports broadcasts, replays, tools, and games in real-time. Klocked is leading an evolution in mass participation and professional sports. Klocked Sports World leverages its proprietary Klocked and Fan Freak technology to create and deliver real-time 3D interactive sports content. * Real-time 3D / AR creation of sports broadcasts and replays * User-controlled with unlimited cameras, angles, and moves * Fan Freak sports gaming for prediction, streak, prop, and survivor pool engagement * AI Sports Science automatically renders live sports action * Racing, team and mass participation sports being added Klocked AI Sport Science automatically creates sports broadcasts, highlights, and replays with ePlay’s servers, renders in real-time on user’s devices, and is experienced like never before. The platform has unlimited virtual cameras, unlimited camera angles, unbelievable camera moves, and advanced sports science to visualize live sports in the most exciting ways. Unlike traditional sports broadcasts, fans control the action, cameras, and engagement. Klocked is a sports metaverse with automated virtual sports production and stadium/mass participation activation.

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Suite 970 - 777 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 1S4

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