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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 - Where to Find and How to Install on PC

the game contains a detailed, 48-page instruction manual, which contains some helpful hints. it also contains information on how to access the hidden characters and features. unlike budokai tenkaichi, this game has an overworld map. it is present in all stages and is accessed through the character select screen. unlike in the budokai series, the overworld map can be used to teleport to other stages.

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the music in this game is composed by series veteran kensuke ushio, who also composed the music for the first budokai game. the opening theme song is j-pop artist mai kuraki's le pon. the ending theme is the first opening theme, power again.

the budokai series is still playable through the new budokai tenkaichi 2 engine, though there are some minor visual differences. the game also contains a couple of new features not present in the budokai series. there are exclusive training modes that are unlocked by the player's progress in the main game. the first is nibudomaru, a dragon radar training mode based around the map of ryusenjou, the home of the first series. there is also a budokai tenkaichi 2-exclusive mission, which is available to the player after completing the game.

the game contains 48 tracks for the following modes: story mode, world tournament, cell games, training mode, and arcade mode. the first four modes are identical to the budokai series. the arcade mode is a new feature to the game, and allows the player to select characters for battle, play against ai-controlled opponents, and play against the computer. when the game is beat-up and no one is in the main arena, the player can use the game's amiibo figures to battle with four of the game's playable characters (goku, vegeta, cell, and frieza).


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