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How to Play NBA Live 07 on PC with Mods and Updates

The Dynasty mode has made a return this year with some new enhancements, such as a larger focus on the draft, team dynamics and scheduling. Players can now choose to relive the 2006 NBA draft and pick their favorite rookies to help build the future of their team. Along with the standard assistants, scouts and trainers, you'll also need to hire a new assistant head coach to schedule team events such as practices or press days as well as check up on potential rumors that may be used to your advantage. These can range from players potentially being traded to highly skilled coaches and staff members looking for new organizations to become part of. As you progress through the season, you'll need to continually check in with these guys to see how well your squad is progressing, as well as what the team's particular chemistry is. Team Chemistry is important because the play of your team is affected by how high or low your rating is. The lower the rating, the harder it is for a team to mount a comeback during a big game.

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Scheduled for release September 25 under the EA SPORTS brand, NBA LIVE 07 will play as good as it looks by introducing the next generation of basketball gameplay with EA SPORTS Total Freestyle Control, a new feature that delivers gameplay realism and authenticity like never before. Additionally, with a new, more intuitive AI system, advancements to fan-favorite features like All-Star Weekend and Dynasty Mode, and for the first time ESPN Motion and streaming ESPN radio podcasts, NBA LIVE 07 will continue to deliver its award-winning gameplay experience to fans worldwide.

"With the global appeal of NBA LIVE it is important to us to assemble an All-Star team of international players who reflect our worldwide basketball franchise leadership," said Keith Munro, Vice President of Marketing for EA. "These players are superstars on their NBA teams and some of the best players in the world. We believe they truly represent the authenticity and entertainment that NBA LIVE 07 delivers."

Developed in Vancouver, B.C., by EA Canada, NBA LIVE 07 will be available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox video game systems from Microsoft, the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, PSP (PlayStationPortable) system, mobile and PC on September 25. It is scheduled for release on the PlayStation3 in November. Learn more about the game at or download new screenshots at

For the past 40 years, the Consumer Electronics Show has unveiled some of the biggest advancements in how people live and entertain, from the videocassette recorder to the gaming console. Televisions, particularly giant, flat-screen, high-definition ones, have been the darlings of the show for several years.

Typically, customers have been skeptical about online movie download services, said Jupiter Research analyst Joe Laszlo. Only 7 percent of online consumers said they purchased movies via the Internet, according to a July survey by the market research and consulting firm.

Douglas County-based Echo Star Communications Corp. plans to roll out Dish Online, a service that allows customers to download movies from the Web and view them on their TVs using certain Dish Network set-top boxes.


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