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Where To Buy Project Cars [HOT]

It is definitely challenging and tricky job to find a project car in both good condition and decent price. spending a lot of time and efforts, comparing deals and prices, is just part of the project. and normally the better the condition the higher the price.

where to buy project cars

The good news for you: With Bid Export you can save your time and money. You can buy your next project car or start bidding to win it in our online car auction at much cheaper prices with your smart phone or laptop!

When it comes to buying a project car we always try to get the best deal and value for our budget. Bid Export Auto Auction is where to buy project cars from! Bid Export offers more than 150,000 listed vehicle with affordable prices for all tastes and preferences, at lower prices than local auto dealers and auto malls. you can search and find different type of project cars on our platform:

To build a project car, you will need Time, Money, and place if you are going to do it yourself. but first you got to find your desired car, and here comes the question "where to buy project cars?"

With more than 150,000 listed cars in Bid Export car auction, you can start competing with other bidders to win your next project car, or you can directly buy it at the listed "Buy Now" price. You can find cars in your region, or in other states, and we will take care of the shipping, we ship worldwide.

If you are a first timer to build a project car, first thing make sure you have saved some money! If you don't have a job, and you are looking to build a car, I am afraid you need to set your priorities right first, and establish a budget. Project cars usually need lot of work and time and you need to be ready for it!

You can find cheap project cars for sale between 800$ to 5000$ and you can find project cars for sale with range of 5000$ to 15,000$ and you sky the limit! it all depends on what kind of a project car you looking to buy and build, and how much work it needs to turn it into a piece of art or a 600HP beast!

Everybody knows that project cars need work, so be careful with you choices and make a plan for your budget. What I mean by that, is you will need to keep in mind several points when looking for cheap project cars for sale. please keep reading into the next paragraph and check some useful tips from our experts in the auto industry when it comes to buying any project cars for sale.

Now you know the easy process of how to buy a project car and went through some useful tips to keep in mind let us take a look what to pay extra attention when testing it and inspecting its condition:

Some project cars may come with shady backgrounds so make sure you have the full documents and legal rights to own the car. Ask for any additional paper work that comes with any previous engine change or chassis modification or even change.

For some enthusiast, the world of Mopars begins and ends with cars like Chargers or Road Runners. Others are immersed in the E-Body Barracuda and Challenger. many-long-timers and late-comers alike-think the world according to Chrysler begins and ends with B-Body two-doors.

One of most elegant and good looking cars of all time, with it's elegant curves and unique design, the Chevy Corvette has been always a dream car for many of us. Corvettes remain one of the most iconic automotive designs ever conceived. Looking for corvette project cars for sale in auto auctions can save you good money and effort. it is now more affordable than before to rebuild a corvette and experience the whole memorable process of rebuilding one of the most recognizable representatives of the American sports high class.

The Mustang or Camaro debate has been held for 6 generations so far, and both cars has their loyal enthusiasts and admirers. The mustang been introduced early on April 17, 1964 (16 days after the Plymouth Barracuda)

Another shining star among the classic muscle cars is the Firebird Trans AM, with its Iconic Bandit edition, that became very popular after its appearance in Smokey and the Bandit. Not limiting to the Trans Am, you can find more Pontiac project cars for sale out there, and you can access them here published in one place, collected from different regions and states for sale and bidding on our auction platform is authorized and licensed online auction that was shaped by individuals who have numerous long stretches of involvement in the US auto sales industry. Our team and representatives have been filling in as directors in enormous used cars dealerships and strategic logistics organizations.Bid Export began 10 years back with a solitary used cars dealership in Los Angeles CA. Presently headquartered in Miami, Florida as worldwide leader in online car auctions, and a premier destination for the resale of the best used cars. With more than 150,000 listings you can find your dream car, or supply your auto business with both clean and salvage vehicles for prices much affordable than buying from dealerships.

To most people, an easy project car is one that you can work on by yourself without having to hire a professional automotive technician and a car that parts are easy to find for, especially after-market parts. A cheap project car would be one that you can pick up for a decent price. Of course, the problem with that is the cars that you once could have found for under $5,000 are far and few between these days.

The Honda CRX is a sports car that received its roots from the Civic. The drivetrain was used across the platform, but the CRX was designed with unique outer styling and an interior set up for two. There were numerous engines installed under the hoods of these economical sports cars, and the transmission that came paired to them was either the five-speed manual or the four-speed automatic. Any combination will work as a sports car build.

The Honda CRX is not so old that it is hard to find parts for, and since it is a fairly common car, repairs and upgrades will not cost you an arm and a leg. The one big problem with these cars is that the tuner world gobbles these cars up as soon as they are put up for sale. When you do manage to find one, though, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 on up to $10,000. Recent auctions show that it is possible to pick one up even cheaper than that, with one going for as little as $3,200.

The most popular muscle car built is the Z28 or Iroc-Z cars that already have beefed-up engines. If you can find these cheap then by all means grab them up, otherwise we are going to talk about the basic Chevy Camaro that most people overlook. The thing is that most of them came off the production lines with a 173-hp V6, but when you look at the production numbers there were more ordered with the V8 than with the smaller V6.

Either way that you go, or that you can find, will give you a great base for a muscle car. The V6 can be built to push you down the road, or it can be swapped out for a bigger eight-cylinder engine that can put out more power and torque. And of course, the V8 can be upgraded to be even bigger and better. The cars are still common enough to have parts ready when needed, and they usually don't cost more than a few thousand dollars. Current auctions show that the average sales price is around $8,250 so they are still well within reach for most of us.

The Mustang after the Fox Body is not one of the most popular choices for a muscle car, which is of course why it makes a great project car. The earlier years may have a 5.0L V8 under the hood, while the base model for the majority of them came with a smaller V6. They both make for a decent starting point, and if you prefer the V6 there are parts and pieces made to improve the power. The V8 is obviously the 5.0L that can be upgraded to produce some stellar power and torque.

The parts for these cars are easy to come by, and they are a snap to work on. The Mustang is an iconic muscle car that is common enough to find aftermarket high-performance parts, and since the 5.0L is such a common engine parts can be borrowed from other cars when needed. These cars are valued starting at around $4,900, and they go up from there. Current auctions show that they can be nabbed up for an average price of $8,600.

Nissan is a popular automobile manufacturer, so you can bet that parts are easy to acquire for the Nissan 350Z. Since it is already a proven sports car, performance upgrades are a dime a dozen, making it an easy project car. The average value of this car is listed as $8,800 for a drivable car with some issues. The auctions show that this car can go for as little as $7,700 but the majority go for substantially more. To get this car at an affordable price, you will have to be on your toes and be patient. Wait for one to come up at a decent price and then jump on it.

The Dodge Charger is another muscle car that we are all familiar with. The sixth generation of this car came with four doors and stock with a V6, so it's commonly overlooked by most muscle car enthusiasts. However, that's exactly why it is the perfect pick for a project car. The R/T car is the one that you need to look for because they came stock with the 340-hp 5.7 Hemi. It is fast as is but has so much room for improvement. It is a Hemi, after all.

The Mazda Miata is a small two-seater sports car that used to be one of the best-selling sports cars on the road. Now, they have mostly been forgotten, being looked over for the more common sports cars on the road. It is a front mid-engine car with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder, with a few of them coming off the production lines with superchargers. They are not meant for muscle, but when it comes to performance on open roads full of curves, not much can compare.

The Miata is valued much higher than the latest auction sales prices show. A drivable car is listed at $6,800 with the better versions priced above ten thousand. The auctions, on the other hand, show cars going for as little as $2,100, with the average coming in at around $7,254. This is the one car on this list that you may have some trouble finding parts, but if nothing else they can be ordered online. You just may have to wait a bit before adding performance parts onto it. 041b061a72


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