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Charles Seleznev
Charles Seleznev

Stay Alive, Flex Your Time. !FREE!

Stay alive and flex your time on othersCreatormacaladsMonth createdJuly 2020VisitsAround 41,530,000 Page last updated on August 28, 2022Stay alive and flex your time on others is a game on Roblox. As the name implies, you have to stay alive for as long as you can while everyone has swords. There are two things that this game mainly focuses on, kills and time.

Stay alive, flex your time.

The good news is that you can train your brain to remember just as well as you can train for body for a marathon. In fact, studies show that the brain needs steady stimulation to stay sharp, and a sedentary lifestyle can cause both physical and mental decline.

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Begin now to become aware of your body once again. Breathe deeply and feel the energy of your feet and toes; stretch and flex your feet and toes reawakening them. Silently count from 5 to 1; with each number, feel more and more present in your body.

To help you flex your social muscles, these schmooze advocates offer advice for navigating party land mines: Lowndes, who remembers being so shy growing up that she would cling to the wall at parties and wish she were invisible; Martinet, the born mingler; and Boxer, who makes research-based observations of how people communicate. 041b061a72


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