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Jose Brooks
Jose Brooks

[S3E11] Revelations

As far as revelations go, "You Can't Run From Who You Are" handled this one very well, allowing Wade to pick up on the differences between the two versions of the character, but now that we have confirmation, it's hard not to imagine who this is.

[S3E11] Revelations

Take, for example, Alex being pushed to the brink at the end of the episode with some revelations regarding Devlin running the human-trafficking operation. To go beyond just that, she was left with a choice that could have had her gunning a man in Garrett down in the midst of her own rage. When he started to struggle, though, she ended up pulling the trigger. It may not have been entirely intentional within that moment, but it still was the end result.

A second example of Congress failing to conduct oversight came to light in 2014. Perhaps one of the most shocking revelations for the American public was when allegations arose that the IC was using torture to gain information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress did not appear to be aware of these CIA allegations until documents detailing the torture were leaked years later. Congress and its oversight committees immediately opened investigations. In the end, it found that waterboarding and other advanced interrogation methods were used against detainees and little actionable intelligence was gained as a result. 041b061a72


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